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Danielle J Duperret

Mark Morley

Vicki Smith

Jamie Quinn

Cindy McCormack

Jamie Heier

Daniel R Walton

Jennifer Goldie

I am confident with my website!

Thanks to Pykthos, I am confident that my site will convert inquiries into paid clients. For less money than purchasing 3rd party solutions, I have the support and know how to automate the entire process. The customer value journey was essential to understanding how to engage, excite and convert. The platform has everything I need in once place. I am super pumped!

Allan Hassoun

The team is super quick to respond.

I can't thank the Pykthos team enough. Their service has allowed me to create in minutes what I had previously spent literal months attempting on my own.

Best of all, it requires no technical knowledge, and if you are having a difficult time with something, the team is super quick to respond with the answers and help you need.

Max Golden

They genuinely want us all to succeed.

Considering Chris Thompson’s track record, he could be coaching any hypnotist in the world, charging whatever he likes. So the fact that he and Timothy have made it their mission to help as many hypnotists as possible speaks volumes to me. Be warned, you will have to work hard, but these guys are enthusiastically there for every step and every question. They genuinely want us all to succeed.

James Harrison

This is the all in one tool that I have been looking for.

Cally Rempis

Check out PYKTHOS, those guys will not let you down.

George Guarino

I love it!


The PYKTHOS platform has more functionality without all those headaches.


Wonderful teachers and trainers.

Jake Naude

The software is really phenomenal.

Tom Laessig

PYKTHOS is just amazing!

Danielle J

Easy to navigate, easy
to setup.

Michael Milson

I have been absolutely delighted with the entire process and especially the results!

Kathryn Toohey

The all-in-one platform to process payments and run your business

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