We Are Team Pykthos

Timothy, Chris, and team!

We're on YOUR Team

Pykthos launched in November 2022 after the executive team at Mike Mandel Hypnosis (our sister company) realized that professional people helpers are great at helping clients, but usually not great at marketing and technology.

We decided to combine world class tools with our famous fun and engaging style of teaching - but geared towards marketing and building a business rather than hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

We've been where you are now. In 2008, when we began building Mike Mandel Hypnosis, we had to learn everything from scratch. And we mean everything.

Today we're pros at bringing marketing and technology together so you can succeed at what you love doing - helping people.

How it all started ...


2008: Building a Parachute?

Chris Thompson and Mike Mandel partner up to create Mike Mandel Hypnosis. Building a website was hard work, and Chris did practically everything biz & marketing while Mike was the on-camera face of the business. Mike was a pro, but Chris was doing the equivalent of jumping out of a plane and building the parachute on the way down.


2015: Marketing Weak-Sauce

Chris realizes that the MMH business is tied together using a bunch of inferior tools. We've got no easy way to build a proper customer journey to grow our business. Chris travels to San Diego to attend Traffic and Conversion Summit, run by Ryan Deiss and his team at Digital Marketer. We shift our entire business to a sophisticated automation platform called Infusionsoft. Chris hires an expensive coach and spends the next 5 years becoming an automation rock star. Our business explodes.


2020-2022: Major Growth & Stage Set for Pykthos

Global pandemic! Thankfully we were prepared. We grew our hypnosis training business to record revenue. We had strong marketing processes in place. But we realize our students, mostly, are not well prepared to model what we've done.

We start growing our team, including bringing on the Third Musketeer, Timothy September. He's like the brother Chris never had! He loves talking about marketing and totally gets the technology side of things. Together, we realize we have the power to help our students do more than just hypnosis. We can help them grow their business!

By partnering with an industry-leading software platform, Pykthos is born. We can suddenly offer practically every major software tool needed in one affordable package! Email, SMS, automation, websites, memberships & courses, digital sales, calendars, social media posting, and even a website chat widget. We rolled out the platform to 50 founding members. We hosted free coaching calls and workshops, which we recorded for ALL future members, and they are awesome workshops!


2023: We're a Powerful Force for YOU

We've built a team, including our lead graphics and website designer, Randy. We've created incredible digital assets you can plug right into your own business. Think website templates, automation workflows and more. We're building more all the time and working together, as one big team/family, to support each other. We succeed by helping you succeed. And we love helping our Pykthos community.

What We believe

  • You have to think like a business owner.

  • Customers rarely happen by accident.

  • You can build a plan that works!

  • We can make it easier for you

  • You'll have fun doing it.

  • Marketing is a lot like hypnosis.

You CAN have a successful business!

We are all not that different

You might be wondering exactly how you can go from having nothing to getting clients. You might also be a bit scared of getting started. Most software companies only give you the basics on how to use the tools. Pykthos is more than software. We give you marketing and business training backed by years of experience running multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses. We make marketing easy and the tools Pykthos gives you make it even easier.

Are you ready to find your FREEDOM?

This is what you've been looking for.

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