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Select the plan that fits your needs. Whether you're looking for flexibility or are ready for a full year of transformation, we've got you covered.

Standard Membership Plan

$99/monthly or $990/annual

  • Website hosting included

  • Unlimited funnels

  • Lead capture with forms and surveys

  • Email marketing and automation

  • Two-way SMS with automation

  • Membership, courses, and community features

  • Unified messaging system

  • Website chat widgets

  • Automated responses for missed calls

  • Invoicing and order form capabilities

  • Client booking calendars

  • ChatGPT integration for dynamic content creation

  • $10 worth of email and SMS credits monthly

Your fees: You will only ever pay the fixed rate for access to Pykthos, plus your cost of email and SMS. We pay the first $10 per month for you. That's enough for about 10,000 emails, or 1,000 SMS messages to a USA mobile phone. SMS sent outside of North America can cost more. Our pricing is based on Twilio prices. North American A2P 10DLC fees apply. Reach out to if you have questions.

Explore Advanced Opportunities

Once you’re set up with a membership, explore our Done-For-You service, designed for those who seek an even higher level of service. The DFY plan offers customized strategies and dedicated management to elevate your business effortlessly. Available for members by inquiry.

What Our Clients Say

I am confident with my website!

Thanks to Pykthos, I am confident that my site will convert inquiries into paid clients. For less money than purchasing 3rd party solutions, I have the support and know how to automate the entire process. The customer value journey was essential to understanding how to engage, excite and convert. The platform has everything I need in once place. I am super pumped!

Allan Hassoun

The team is super quick to respond.

I can't thank the Pykthos team enough. Their service has allowed me to create in minutes what I had previously spent literal months attempting on my own.

Best of all, it requires no technical knowledge, and if you are having a difficult time with something, the team is super quick to respond with the answers and help you need.

Max Golden

They genuinely want us all to succeed.

Considering Chris Thompson’s track record, he could be coaching any hypnotist in the world, charging whatever he likes. So the fact that he and Timothy have made it their mission to help as many hypnotists as possible speaks volumes to me. Be warned, you will have to work hard, but these guys are enthusiastically there for every step and every question. They genuinely want us all to succeed.

James Harrison

Jamie Quinn

Cindy McCormack

Jamie Heier


What is included in the Monthly Membership Plan?

The Monthly Membership gives you full access to all Pykthos tools, including website hosting, unlimited funnels, email marketing, and automation, two-way SMS, and more. It also includes $10 worth of email and SMS credits each month, which generally covers about 10,000 emails or 1,000 SMS messages to USA numbers, along with standard customer support.

How does the Annual Membership save me money?

Choosing the Annual Membership plan saves you 15% compared to paying monthly. Priced at $990 per year, this plan includes all the benefits of the Monthly Membership

What are the additional costs that I should be aware of?

Beyond the included $10 monthly credit, additional email and SMS usage is billed based on current Twilio prices. For SMS messages sent outside of North America, higher rates may apply. We recommend checking our detailed pricing guide or contacting support for more specific information.

Can I upgrade to the DFY (Done-For-You) Plan anytime?

The DFY Plan is available as an add-on for existing members who require a higher level of service, including dedicated project management and customized business strategies. Members interested in the DFY Plan should click here to book and discuss eligibility and further details.

How do I cancel my membership if needed?

To cancel your membership, please contact our support team at and someone from our team will reach out to process your cancellation.

How secure is my data with Pykthos?

At Pykthos, we prioritize data security. Our platform is built with industry-standard security measures and protocols to ensure that all customer data is protected. You can find more details about our security practices in our Privacy Policy.

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