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Pykthos is the all-in-one practice management platform for hypnotists, coaches and other healing practitioners to get more clients with proven coaching and tools.

  •  All-in-one platform

  • Proven methodology

  • Coaching & Community

Are you great at helping people but struggling to get clients?

You can’t get clients when you’re lost and confused. 

We get it, because we’re certified hypnotists and people-helpers ourselves and understand the challenges faced by coaches, therapists, hypnotists and hypnotherapists in today’s noisy, digitally-connected world.

We saw the challenges faced by our colleagues and friends in the people-helping space who realized they have to balance their business activities along with spending time serving clients.

That’s why we created Pykthos.

The Pykthos all-in-one platform has been specifically tailored to give people-helpers the tools, training, and templates to enjoy a thriving business.

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Transparency & Honesty


Active Members


Years In This Industry

I couldn't be happier with the results. I was using five different services and now I can just use one.

Matt Sherman

Geek Psychology

The Pykthos all-in-one platform is your hypnotherapy business-in-a-box

Don't go it alone. We're here for you, with our personalized training that shows you everything step-by-step.


Professional presence

Start building your hypnotic online presence today!

Elevate your professional brand presence online with our intuitive website and course builder designed for non-techies. Create beautiful, engaging websites effortlessly to showcase your services. Our robust platform guarantees fast loading, exceptional reliability, and unbeatable security, ensuring your focus remains on transforming lives, not on technical details.

  • User-friendly website & course builder

  • Proven, ready-to-go templates

  • Training on website design best practices to get results



Marketing systems installed

Running your hypnosis business is simple with Pykthos.

Our all-in-one platform helps you do lots of things quickly and easily. Send emails, automate online appointments, schedule social media content, and get paid—all in one place. Pair it with our private community and included templates and training and you have a profit boosting, money making machine.

  • Automate online appointments & reminders

  • Manage all your social media in one place

  • Get paid easily and safely with invoicing and payments



Get clients & make money

Boost your hypnosis sales with proven templates and training.

Learn how people decide to buy your services and how you can help them without being too pushy. Get tips from experts to make selling simple and friendly. Our included Marketing Made Easy course gives you the perfect roadmap to run your business and make money.

  • Discover the value-first method to build trust before the sale

  • Understand the steps clients take before they decide to buy

  • Advice from pros to help you sell more and stress less


The all-in-one platform to process payments and run your business

Watch the FREE webinar to see how.

I have been absolutely delighted with the entire process, especially the results!

Kathryn Toohey


Get Started Today

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

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Watch the replay of the Pykthos webinar. We'd love to show you how this system, and our training, will help you grow your business.

Personal platform walkthrough

We’ll show you all of the most important features, explain our training and answer the most common questions. We've got some awesome bonuses to help you get started fast.

Become a Pykthosian

Sign up and get started! As a Pykthosian, you’ll finally have a professional online presence and a marketing system that consistently gets clients.

You’ll finally have a professional online presence and a marketing system that consistently gets clients.

We're here for you, with our personalized training that shows you everything step-by-step

Members love our 24/7 support

You’re never alone with our support champions.

This means we help when you need it. No waiting on hold or having to get shuffled around. Great service is easy to give when most drop the ball.

  • LIVE monthly coaching calls

  • Live chat + video support

  • Dedicated, active community

Partners & Integrations

"I'm super-excited about this all-in-one tool that I've been looking for! It can hold my courses, my website, sales, social media and newsletters. I can do everything here. I just have a one-stop shop. I highly recommend them!"

Cally Rempis

Hypnotist & Health Coach

"Pykthos is the real thing. Chris and Timothy are doing an amazing job setting things up, making it easy and answering your questions all about how people can set up their online presence and websites and do the things that need to be done to inspire people to use your services."

George Guarino


"A few months ago I was frustrated with my webmaster. He never had my projects on time. My calendar didn't integrate well with my payments and I'd miss appointments. When Chris and Timothy told me about Pykthos I was so thrilled that at once I had everything in the same place."

Allan Hassoun


"If you're stuck on turning your hypnosis skills into a business, Chris and Timothy are just giving you so much value. From getting your website going, to having leads coming in, to turning them into business. More functionality, without all those headaches."

Terance Schmidt


The all-in-one platform to run your hypnosis business

Watch the FREE webinar to see how.

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